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At GRC Essentials, we believe that training and competency development is at the heart of compliance and risk management. Building a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding enables people at all levels to make better decisions, improve efficiency and build understanding around processes that are in place. Our online training focusses on three key areas: compliance, professional development, and personal development.

In addition to our extensive catalogue of online courses, we specialise in providing practical, cost-effective customised in-house training at times suitable to your schedule.  These include, but are not limited to Directors Duties, Directors Induction, Responsible Manager/Fit and Proper Person Obligations, Compliance Manager Responsibilities, Financial Services Delivery – General, Personal and No Advice and Customised Conference and Seminar Presentations.

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Annual Compliance Bundle ($286)

This course provides you with training on four key compliance framework elements. It is recommended that these courses are completed annually to assist you meet your compliance obligations. This pack includes:

  • Internal Dispute Resolution
  • Breach and Incident Reporting
  • Privacy Obligations

Please see individual courses for further detail on course content.

AML/CTF ($88)

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) and the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter -Terrorism Financing Rules (AML/CTF Rules) were established to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism by imposing several obligations on the financial sector (as well as others). Relevant businesses are known as ‘reporting entities’ and the relevant services they provide are termed ‘designated services’.
AML/CTF programs are crucial in identifying, disrupting, and preventing money laundering and terrorism financing. It protects your business, your community, and Australia from criminal activity.
You must have an AML/CTF program before you start providing designated services, but what does that mean for your business?

Internal Dispute Resolution ($88)

Consumer and small business access to fair, timely and effective dispute resolution is an essential part of the financial services consumer protection framework. It is consistent with ASIC’s function of promoting consumer protection in the Australian financial system.
As a first step in the financial dispute resolution framework, IDR provides an opportunity for redress to millions of consumers and small businesses each year. In this course we will look at effective ways to view complaints, why customers get upset, tools to manage complaints effectively and your obligations when it comes to handling complaints internally.

Breach and Incident Reporting ($88)

Compliance breaches happen in all businesses. Breach reporting is integral for management oversight and risk management by licensees. It is also required for ASIC’s system wide oversight.
In October 2021, new obligations were enacted, what does that mean for your Financial Services business?

Privacy Obligations ($88)

It is an indelible human right to privacy. It relates to an individual’s ability to determine for themselves when, how and for what purpose their personal information is handled by other people. Protecting privacy is key to maintaining human dignity, safety, and self-determination.
Privacy protects the information we don’t want shared (such as identity, health or financial) and it helps to protect our physical safety (regarding real-time data privacy). It is not just a human right; it is a legal right also. Everyone has the right to protection of law against interference or attack against their privacy, family, home, or correspondence, nor attack upon their reputation or honour. In this course we will look at what privacy is, how you can collect and use client information, and who regulates the privacy obligations.

Professional Year Program ($220)

We offer more than just a platform to record your professional year progress. Our Professional Year program is divided into Quarterly milestones, and within each milestone there is a tailored logbook, templates, and a total of 14 compliance and professional development courses.
Each milestone has a completion checklist built in to ensure that all criteria is met before moving on to the next milestone. This program is designed to assist the candidate, supervisor, and Licensee to navigate the Professional Year requirements with ease.

Cyber Security Bundle ($286)

Cyber Security Essentials: In this course you will learn about the risks of cyber threats, they most common types of cyber threat, and how you can combat cyber threats through implementing software and people/process controls.
Online Security Fundamentals: In this short course, you’ll learn strategies to protect yourself online and get tips to block incoming threats. Finally, you’ll review how to act fast to minimise damage if a security breach occurs.
Protecting your Data: In this course, learn what constitutes confidential data, why it’s important to keep it safe, and essential security best practices that include both cyberspace and physical facilities.
Cyber Policy Template: A fully customisable template you can use within your business that incorporates the Cyber Security Essentials.

FASEA in Practice ($88)

The Code is a compulsory code of ethics for all relevant providers who provide financial services to retail clients. The Code also applies to provisional relevant providers, once authorised and registered by their licensee on the Register of Relevant Providers under section 922Q of the Act.
As is the case with all other professions, ultimate responsibility for applying the tenets of the Code falls on individual advisers. Each must be ready to give an account of how they have interpreted and applied the Code in specific situations. This course is designed to help illustrate requirements in the Code.

Managing Conflicts of Interest ($88)

Doing the right thing means that you’re acting with integrity in all that you do. But doing the right thing can become challenging when you’re faced with ambiguous and complicated ethical dilemmas, like a potential conflict of interest.
By working through the following activities, you’ll learn how to identify potential conflicts and how to manage them when they arise.

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