Assurance Service

Our assurance services are designed to support your business in meeting its obligations.  We are of the view that assurance services should not only assist in identifying deficiencies but are a genuine opportunity to provide training or fill any knowledge gaps.

Our Assurance Services are designed to give you peace of mind and develop a culture of continual improvement

Our assurance services include:


Licensee or whole of business reviews – this health check ensures that your obligations under your licence, Privacy Act, AML/CTF, Corporations Act have been identified and are being managed appropriately.

Areas covered include financial requirements, organisational competency, appointment monitoring and supervision, compliance and risk management, adequacy of resources and adviser conduct.



Representative and Client File Reviews – this is a review of the conduct of Representatives and the quality of the advice that they are providing. Our assurance services are benchmarked to FASEA Code of Ethics and requirements under the Corporations Act 2001.  We provide coaching to Representatives on how to improve their advice documents and also work with the Licensee to ensure that their business rules/standards are evident in the services and advice provided.

A risk rating is determined for each file review to assist the Licensee in improving its operations and target appropriate resources to training and coaching.



AML/CTF – We undertake independent reviews of your AML Program to provided licensees with peace of mind that their program is appropriate for their operations.

An effective assurance program is an opportunity to improve business processes and identify knowledge gaps!